Some junk about our band

Yo what’s up y’all! Haven’t posted here in a while. Lots of exciting RH related news! In just a few weeks we are leaving for about a month on tour. Sorry if we aren’t coming to your town, hopefully we will soon!

10/14- Lindenhurst, NY

10/15- Sarah Lawrence

10/16- Washington, DC

10/17- George Washington University

10/18- Richmond, VA

10/19 Raleigh, NC

10/20 Athens, GA

10/21 Atlanta, GA

10/22 Nashville, TN

10/23 Bloomington, IN

10/24 Chicago, IL

10/25 Grand Rapids, MI

10/26 Detroit, MI

10/27 Pittsburgh, PA

…And after that we are touring the UK with the really truly wonderful band MARTHA! We are also releasing a split 7″ with them which will be available on the UK part of the tour. Here are some links with more info about it:

OK that’s pretty much what I got for right now. Will update with more info as we get closer to the tour! My computer just died, lost a bunch of tunes but saw it coming so have been sending out jams to lots of folks doing comps, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for info on those. I tweet this junk more than I post here or fb. Anyways cool see you out there!

And go see Jeff this week playing drums in 2 truly great rock and roll bands, HEY HALLWAYS and MISSING EARTH!


Don’t the wind blow cold when you’re hangin’ your soul on the line?

I haven’t updated this in a while! Hard for me to believe but I started doing this project 5 years ago this month. Last year was really truly crazy in the life of Radiator Hospital. Super fun but exhausting. I made a concerted effort to do RH really hard last year and to really focus on it. Ever since I started playing in bands, I was always in a lot of bands at once, and RH felt like the thing that I will always be doing in the background while I’m playing all this other music. 2014 was the first year since I started RH that I didn’t play in any other bands (which is only sort of true, I made a record with Allison and went on tour twice with that project, but we never played a show that wasn’t also with RH so sort of not the same). It was a little weird to be focusing so much on this project, just because it’s stressful putting yourself out there that much, but all in all it was very rewarding. We made an LP we all really love, released Mall Of America on cassette and vinyl, put out a couple different split 7″s, went on several tours. It feels really good to make things and to create music and community with your friends.

That said, in 2015 I want to take steps back with Rad Hos. I’ve been feeling this overwhelming feeling of disappointment, confusion and disgust with the way the music industry works. It feels so good to be building something really naturally with Rad Hos, to just slowly gain fans by doing what we love as much as we can. But the more we build it, the stranger it feels to me. Of course I am endlessly thankful for all people who love this music, but I’m afraid of the capitalist system that tells me I am more deserving to make music than others, I am someone to look up to or emulate. The whole point of punk is that we don’t have to have that anymore, there aren’t rock stars anymore. I want to use my voice to lift up others who I feel are doing valuable and incredible work with their art, but it’s really scary to feel like I’m in a position where people are listening to me. I don’t feel worthy and I don’t like how it makes me feel. I don’t like how I see it make people act, it’s this terrible sickness that just infects everyone. I’m not exempt from that and I’m not making judgments on how people treat their bands. I just want to make music, it’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at, and I’ve never felt as good as I do when I’m singing a song.

I’ve been listening to a lot of CSNY, and I keep coming back to this song from Graham Nash’s “Wild Tales” LP. It really resonates with me. I’m sick of hanging my soul on the line. I want to separate my music as much as I can from the indie rock industrial complex. Now, I am not perfect and I am not trying to be. I’m sure that I will fail time and again, because the system we are working in is so fucked. But I’m just gonna try my best to be so fucking aware of everything I do. Trying to pay it forward and use whatever success we are getting to lift up the people who deserve it.

Anyways, got a couple records I’m working on that I’m excited for in 2015. Not a ton of touring for RH but we’ll be around. Keep on keepin’ on. -Sam

Torch Song US Tour

Hey we just released our new record TORCH SONG and are going on tour to celebrate! Will fill in all venues/facebook things etc as I get this info!


9/2 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea

9/3 Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups

9/4 Cleveland, OH  @ Happy Dog

9/5 Ann Arbor, MI

9/6 Grand Rapids, MI @ Vertigo Music

9/7 Chicago, IL @ Fireside Bowl

9/8 Milwaukee, WI @Coccoon Room

9/9 Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon

9/10 Omaha, NE

9/11 Denver, CO @ Mutiny Information Cafe

9/12 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court

9/13 Boise, ID

9/14 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge

9/15 Olympia, WA

9/16 Portland, OR

9/17 Oakland, CA @ The Yellow Room

9/18 San Francisco, CA @ Honey Hive Gallery

9/19 San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead Rat

9/20 Los Angeles, CA

9/21 Long Beach, CA

9/22 San Diego, CA @ the Hideout

9/23 Tempe, AZ @ Parliament Tempe

9/24 Albuquerque, NM @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge 

9/25 Oklahoma City, OK @ Blue Note

9/26 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas

9/27 Beaumont, TX @ The Art Studio

9/28 New Orleans, LA 

9/29 Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe 

9/30 Birmingham, AL @ Seasick Records 

10/1 Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot 

10/2 Athens, GA 

10/3 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor 

10/4 Raleigh, NC @ Nice Price Books 

10/5 Richmond, VA 

10/6 Washington, DC  @ the Rocketship

10/7 Philadelphia, PA @ Wolf Cycles

10/7-10/19 solo touring the NE with future pop star Allison Crutchfield:


I’m really excited to finally be releasing our new LP Torch Song to the world. I truly feel like it’s the best record I’ve ever been a part of making. Something Wild felt like the purest distillation of what I wanted to do with Radiator Hospital. This record feels like it’s gone even further into what I wanted to accomplish.

This is a record about the relationships you encounter throughout your life. It’s about how sometimes you find the Perfect Person and the circumstances of your lives keep you apart. It’s about how long and weird and crazy life can be, how sometimes it feels like it never ends and you never learn anything new. This is not a happy or idealistic album. I think the overriding message of Something Wild, even with the sad songs, was that you can still hope and dream. I think this record is the opposite. What happened in the outside world while you were dreaming? What happens when you stop dreaming and start actually living your life? This record feels much more personal and real to me.

I hope you enjoy it. You can pre-order the LP here: and stream/download it here:

(note: As always I have made the record available free to download. We keep our expenses very low and honestly, making music is the most important thing in my life and I will happily spend my own money to make a record. That said, anything you donate is incredibly helpful and very much appreciated! Also bandcamp only gives you a certain amount of free downloads so if you can afford to throw me a buck, it’ll keep it free for people who can’t! Thanks.)


Hi we are going on tour! Here are the dates and venues with facebook links where I have them.

3/21- Philadelphia @ Hub Bub Coffee w/ Crabapple, Try The Pie, Hundreds and Thousands
3/22- New Haven, CT w/ Estrogen Highs, Blessed State, Warn Leather
3/23- Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/ Fleabite, Ex-Magicians, Congratulations
3/24- Florence, MA @ Glemin’s House w/ Mudlark, Mystic Inane, Psychic Blood
3/27- Washington, DC @ Smash Records w/ Highway Cross, Crumms
3/28- Harrisonburg, VA* @ The Blue Nile
3/29- Durham, NC* @ The Pinhook
3/30- Atlanta, GA* @ The Earl w/ Places To Hide
3/31- Birmingham, AL* @ Bottletree
4/1- Gainesville, FL* @ The Atlantic
4/2- Tallahassee, FL* @ Club Down Under
4/3- New Orleans, LA* @ Siberia
4/4- Houston, TX* @ Mangos
4/5- Austin, TX* @ Red 7
4/6- Denton, TX (If you can help here, HMU!)
4/7- Oklahoma City, OK
4/8- Russellville, AR
4/9- Memphis, TN @ Crosstown Arts w/ Gryscl, Small Fires, Cavalier, Kid on a Milk Carton
4/10- St. Louis, MO
4/11- Michigan City, IN @ Tommy’s w/ Like Bats, Valenteens, Sweet People
4/12- Chicago, IL w/ Canadian Rifle, Mapmaker
4/13- Grand Rapids, MI @ House of Pancakes (early show) Death House (late show)
4/14- Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Cheapshow, Bobby & Billy, Clevinger
4/15- Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s w/ BILL FOX, Filmstrip, Exploding Lies
4/16- Columbus, OH @ Carabar w/ Pretty Pretty, Sports
4/17- Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto 

Don’t have facebook events for a lot of these but I assure you they are real! Will update things accordingly.

My Fire

My Fire

Been writing a bunch of tunes for a new LP, had the idea for this and it doesn’t really fit with what I want to do for it. Probably won’t do anything else with this, it was just something fun to do on a boring Wednesday. It’s from the perspective of a crush who’s fire I did not light. Stick around til the last half, that’s when it gets good.