This past week I’ve been listening to early mixes of 2 different records I have coming out. 1 of them is the new Rad Hos 7″. We recorded it about a week ago, with Rick playing bass and Brandon playing drums. I wasn’t happy with the vocals and Rick wasn’t happy with the guitars and so we went in and re-recorded those things the other day and it sounds way better! It’s sounding really good, super new wave-y which I’m loving. Plus I haven’t even gotten the other 2 tracks back for it yet which are more stripped down. The other record is the new Strawberry Heritage LP. Strawb’itage is a band that I’ve been playing drums with for about a year, and the record John made is a beautiful lush country folk record. The only real constants in the band is John singin’ and guitarin’ and me drummin’ and singin’, so it was really nice to have a bunch of people come in and play and fill the songs up nice and pretty.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to make music that I really love on a regular basis. I have been able to play many different styles of music, with the one constant being it’s super fun music that I am passionate about and believe in. Making music that you care about is so important. If you are doing that then you are untouchable. No one can tell you it’s bad or it’s wrong or it could be better because it’s yours, not theirs. if you are making records and playing songs that mean something to you, then everything else is just extra. If you can make money playing music, more power to you. If you are TRYING to make money playing music, then you are a fool. Go learn a trade, become a plumber or something. You will make more money and your job will probably be more secure. Music and art are creative endeavors and if you have anything less than the purest intentions, any desire other than to make art that means something to you, then just quit. 

Rant over. Stay tuned for these new records, both are hopefully coming out before summer’s end! Strawb’itage sooner than Rad Hos.



Tonight (Lovers)

So last fall was a weird time for me. I was questioning where Rad Hos was going as a band, whether I wanted to keep doing it or just continue it as a solo project. I had been living alone for a few months, which in many ways I love but can get lonely, on top of this I was having weird feelings toward weird people and I was generally sort of just a mess, going through the motions. As with every rough patch in my life, there are many songs that I associate with that time. They are linked to this period of my life, for better or worse, in a way that could never be shaken, the way Pinkerton reminds me of getting dumped by my first girlfriend or Let It Be is forever tied to my senior year of high school. One of those songs is called “Tonight” by a band from Portland called Lovers.

I had never heard of this band, and still haven’t really heard much else by them. My friend Jes was going through similar strange times and posted a link to this video on facebook. The song was absolutely gorgeous, and every word hit me really hard. Sometimes songs might not have anything to do with the actual thing that’s going on but for whatever reason it FEELS like it has EVERYTHING to do with everything. this was one of those songs.

As I prepare to move out of this apartment at the end of the month, I’m revisiting a lot of the things that sum it up for me. I wrote and recorded a lot of tunes here (Nothin’ In My Eyes, Welcome to The Jungle, Can You Feel My Heart Beating, and an upcoming 7″), watched a shitload of movies here, ate a lot of pizza and drank a lot of soda and kissed some girls and really wanted to kiss other girls and listened to a whole whole lot of songs.

Anyways I hope you enjoy my cover of this tune, it felt really good to sing it because it’s a beautiful song.



I’m currently working on a new 7″ that’s coming out on Forward Records! I’m really excited about it I think it’s going to sound really good, I’ve been demoing out songs and am going to be recording with some ~*sUrPrIsE gUeStS*~ this weekend! Here is a preview of one of the songs, the version on the record will be way different: Dead As Dreams

I haven’t really been playing shows lately, we stopped playing as a band because our drummer moved and I’m moving soon, but I have a couple solo shows coming up that I’m really super excited about!

July 30th @ the DAAC w/ Emperor X and Stephen Steinbrink

August 1st @ No Fun House in Kzoo w/ Emperor X, Stephen Steinbrink, and Benji Meyers

Stephen Steinbrink AKA French Quarter is totally amazing, and so is Emperor X so I’m really excited to play with them not once but twice! I’m such a lucky guy. It’s really nice too because I actually got asked to play these shows, I literally don’t remember the last time I played a show that I didn’t either set up myself or ask to play. I guess that’s not true the last time I played kzoo they asked me about it but still, it’s rare!

Anyways I’m not a “blogger” but I think I’m gonna start because it seems kind of fun maybe.