I’m currently working on a new 7″ that’s coming out on Forward Records! I’m really excited about it I think it’s going to sound really good, I’ve been demoing out songs and am going to be recording with some ~*sUrPrIsE gUeStS*~ this weekend! Here is a preview of one of the songs, the version on the record will be way different: Dead As Dreams

I haven’t really been playing shows lately, we stopped playing as a band because our drummer moved and I’m moving soon, but I have a couple solo shows coming up that I’m really super excited about!

July 30th @ the DAAC w/ Emperor X and Stephen Steinbrink

August 1st @ No Fun House in Kzoo w/ Emperor X, Stephen Steinbrink, and Benji Meyers

Stephen Steinbrink AKA French Quarter is totally amazing, and so is Emperor X so I’m really excited to play with them not once but twice! I’m such a lucky guy. It’s really nice too because I actually got asked to play these shows, I literally don’t remember the last time I played a show that I didn’t either set up myself or ask to play. I guess that’s not true the last time I played kzoo they asked me about it but still, it’s rare!

Anyways I’m not a “blogger” but I think I’m gonna start because it seems kind of fun maybe.


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