Before Rad Hos was ever a thing, from spring 2008 to pretty much December 2009, I had a band called Cookie Bumstead. It started out as just me and my best friend, but later expanded to a revolving lineup of 9 people, just a big folk band with a few strings, an accordion, lots of fun stuff. We played a ton of shows, mostly in western MI, and it was a very important time in all of our lives.

The band fell apart after we all got out of high school and everyone’s plans shifted. Some of us had other bands we were in together, like Winter Break and Scabburger. Cookie Bumstead fell apart largely because it was such a big band, but also because we started it when we were very young and we didn’t really know what we were doing. We did a tour out east which was really fun but sort of a mess, and I wasn’t writing and people in the band’s interest seemed to fade and shift, so it felt like a good time to end it.

In July of 2008 I started seeing the love of my life and that August she moved a few states away. Most of our songs (and to a certain extent, every song I’ve ever written) were about falling deeply in love but having circumstances beyond your control fucking things up. In early 2010 when I made the first Rad Hos record, it was largely to try something new, and force myself out of a few month period of writer’s block/ depression/ disillusionment. The last few CB songs and that first ever RH tape came from a pretty dark place of feeling lonely and lost and numb and not knowing what to do. As is usually the case with those things, they ended up being some of the best songs I think I’ve written.

Unfortunately, I was never happy with how CB got recorded. It’s hard to get a band of that size to sound good, and we rushed through a lot of things and didn’t know what we were doing. I wish we could go back and record the band how it should have been recorded, but in lieu of that, I did the next best thing, and recorded them Rad Hos style. I still like these songs and think they are pretty good and I hope you like them. Here is a link to the CB record, decide for yourself if you dig it or not! oh and the link to the rad hos versions is at the top of this post:



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