September 1st I moved to Philadelphia, PA. It was a decision I made a few months ago, I love Michigan very much but I needed to explore new places and do some new things for a while. I moved into a big house in west Philly with a bunch of friends and a few people I didn’t know who all rule. We are for the most part all musicians so it’s been really fun playing music and talking about music with them. It’s also been really nice getting to know a new neighborhood and a new city. I have a new group of kids acting as the Rad Hos band and things are sounding really good and I’m generally very happy!

Some of the kids I live with play in my absolute favorite band Swearin’ and last weekend they played a couple shows in New York and I tagged along. We stopped at a record store and I got a couple things I had been looking for, the most exciting of which being the second Phil Seymour full length. He does a version of the song he played drums on with Dwight Twilley,  “Looking For The Magic.” I completely love this song and it sort of sums it all up right now better than a dumb blog post so here is my version y’all: Lookin’ For The Magic