So psyched that Some Distant Moon is finally available for you to buy/download! Get the record here and download it over at the rad hos bandcamp. This record was super fun to make and I’m so thankful to Rick, Brandon, and Amber for playing on it, George for designing the covers, Joe Kasey Joe and Colin for all making super amazing videos for the songs, and incredibly thankful to James and Ibrahim for putting it out! They are doing lots of cool stuff over at Forward Records so be sure to check them out!

We just played a couple of shows in NY this weekend which was really fun. I love my band so much, they are all the sweetest folks I could possibly be playing music with. The first show was at Purchase College like 45 minutes out of the city. We played with Emperor X and Saintseneca who are old homies so it was nice to see them. They are both making the best music, if you haven’t heard them check them out! Then last night we played in Brooklyn with the Sidekicks and Glocca Morra who are both really awesome. Since being out here I’ve been super lucky to play all really awesome shows with bands I like.

We are taking a little break from playing live until December because the Boltman is gonna be on tour with his real band Swearin’, but in his absence I’ll be working on a new LP, which is going to be released on the best little label in the world, Salinas, sometime next year. Hopefully sooner than later! Anyways sorry if you read this whole thing and it wasn’t even very interesting!


Radiator Hospital is now a proud retailer of RAD DUDES trading cards.




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