2013: The year I do a bunch of cool junk

Hello friends and “fans”! I’m not good at writing a blog and I don’t know if it really matters if I am or not but I haven’t written anything in a while so I felt like I should! Anyways 2013 is looking to be The Year Of Rad Hos. I’m working hard on a new full-length that is starting to shape up nicely. Whenever I set out to make a full length there is usually a long period where I don’t have the songs and so I’m freaking out and it seems so daunting, but now that the ball has started rolling and I’m getting more of a sense of what the record will be, the songs are coming out! I think it should be real real cool. The hardest part has been writing with the intention of doing it with a full band. Usually when I make a record I just sort of do it, and for the most part any time there has been full-band Rad Hos junk, it’s just different versions of songs that I had done solo. So usually I’ll sort of write it as it’s happening but that hasn’t really been how it’s going with this record so it sort of started slow. But now I’m figuring out how I want to do it and it’ll be cool. Whatever you don’t care about all this stuff!

Before the LP comes out though, we will be releasing a 7″ version of the tape we released last spring, Can You Feel My Heart Beating?!!! I’m super excited about it, I think those are some of the best full-band Rad Hos recordings we ever did so I’m excited to see them make it onto vinyl.

We are hoping to do a tour at some point this spring but I’m not sure exactly when or where! If not in the spring then at some point in the summer and also in the fall we will be going places! Especially once the LP is out we will be playing a bunch more shows.

In the meantime, we have a few cool shows coming up! Mostly in Philly.

1/25- (solo) with Spoonboy & Mikey Cantor and Adult Braces @ the Great Indoors

1/26 Ladyfest Philly Benefit with Batty and Bike Crash at Kung Fu Necktie

2/4 with Ghost Light and Soft Spot @ the Great Indoors

2/16 (solo) with Waxahatchee, Quarterbacks, and Little Big League at SUNY Purchase

Keep on keepin’ on and stay tuned for more fun stuff in the future! -Sam