I’m writing this in late June, not long before we release our first full length vinyl LP, “Something Wild.” In a lot of ways, this record is a turning point. It’s the first record I’ve recorded since moving away from my hometown. It’s the most expansive and consuming work we’ve recorded, in the sense that it captures every aspect of this project for me; there are straight-ahead rock and roll songs, sad mellow whispering-in-the-basement-at-4am tunes, lots of harmonies and lots of guitars and some weird stuff. It feels like the truest extension of the original project that I’ve been able to capture in a long time.

None of that really matters though. As I write I’m listening to a mix of some of my favorite music. Matthew Sweet, Lemonheads, Jellyfish, Clem Snide, a bunch of weird obscure power pop singles. For the most part, the story behind these songs doesn’t matter. Though I’ve been playing my own songs and actively engaging in the DIY music community for many years now, I consider myself first and foremost a fan, a music lover, a record collector. Many musicians grow up with musician parents. My dad wasn’t a musician, but he surrounded us with music. Some of my earliest memories are garage sale-ing with him, on the hunt for records. He’s gone through his share of bullshit but his happiest moments are telling me about some obscure northern soul 45, or playing me some weird psych LP he flipped for 50 bucks on ebay.

I feel so honored and lucky to make music, to be a participant in the rich and vibrant history of American pop music and record collecting culture. As far as I’m concerned, I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed I’d be able to accomplish. I read about bands who break up when they don’t “break” or bands who feel like they never got their due. If there is a single person out there who’s been touched by my music in any way, who’s found some snippet of truth in it, then I’ve succeeded in something that very few people on this planet get to, and I am eternally grateful for that.

A lot of this record is about getting lost. I spend a lot of my time trying to escape. Into comics, records, movies. New worlds full of magic and wonder. The record is a tribute to those worlds. I will never stop loving music and loving art and stories, and I will never stop making music and telling stories of my own. Even if no one is listening, even if I am dead broke and working a shitty job. I’m not really trying to do anything bigger than I’m doing. I’m just living my life, loving it and observing it.

Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for the record. It’s available for pre-order and should be up to stream/download tomorrow or later this week. -Sam



I am really bad at writing a blog! I really like the idea of having it, I think it’s fun to write and sometimes I want to say more than I can in a little song. I just always either forget to do it or figure no one is reading! Anyways…

There’s a lot going on! We have 2 new records coming out in the next month or 2. One is a 7” version of a tape we put out a year ago called Can You Feel My Heart Beating? It’s one of my favorite Rad Hos recordings that we’ve done as a band so I’m really excited for it to be on vinyl!

The other record is a brand new LP called Something Wild. Words cannot express how stoked I am for this record to come out. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve done something that I feel is almost exactly what I set out for it to be. It came out better than I could have imagined. It’s a record about losing yourself in your imagination, about trying to find your one true love who you know is waiting just like you, about giving up the ghost. The song that I feel sums the record up best is:

THE GREAT ESCAPE. This is a song about getting so lost in movies and records and books and tv that you wake up one day and realize you let your life pass you by. It’s probably the most autobiographical song I’ve ever written 🙂 I hope you like it and stay tuned for news about release dates, shows, and junk like that. -Sam