So many cool things are happening! Tomorrow I’m leaving on a solo tour around the upper midwest. I couldn’t be more stoked, all of the shows seem like they are going to be really fun! I’m taking Megabus, which should be interesting. I’ve known people who have done this style of touring before, it makes sense for me and hopefully if I like it and it all works out I’ll be doing more! If you are in any of these places on these dates then please come hang! 

9/17- Pittsburgh, PA @ Evolver Tattoo Arts 

9/18- Grand Rapids, MI @ Mulligan’s 

9/19- Kalamazoo, MI @ Already Dead Family Reunion

9/21- Chicago, IL @ Engine Haus

9/22- Milwaukee, WI @ Piss Palace

9/23- Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon

9/25- Madison, WI @ Gnarly House

9/28- Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig

9/29- Ypsilanti, MI @ Woodruff’s

10/4- Washington, DC @ TBA

10/8- Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA

I’m also excited to have this new EP available for download called MALL OF AMERICA. Recorded mostly this past weekend but a few of the songs were from earlier this summer. I felt like creatively I needed to sort of shake myself loose of the intimidating task of following up a record I was really proud of and felt like fulfilled a lot of my goals with the project. I needed to remind myself that I really like writing and recording and singing and playing and all of it. Felt so good to make these songs so I hope people dig them! It’s a free download, but as always, if you got the dough and want to donate that’s awesome. Not only because it’ll help me out on this and subsequent tours, but so it can stay free to download for people who can’t afford to pay for junk or don’t want to.


Anyways, see you out there, will keep posted about cool stuff going on.