I’m back in Philly, sitting in my room, and still reeling with excitement from the past few weeks. This tour has been absolutely incredible. It was almost too good to be true. I’m getting really excited to do more Megabus touring in the future, traveling alone is really fun, it’s just a style of touring that really suits me well. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks it sounds cool. Not to mention if you book it decently in advance, it’s so cheap that it’s almost silly not to. One thing though, don’t do it in the summer! I’m thinking of doing more in the winter and spring, but I ended up walkin’ around towns with a bunch of merch and crap strapped to me, and in hotter weather that would blow.

I will never be able to express enough gratitude to everyone who set up a show, drove me around or picked me up, loaned me a guitar, hung out with me. Makes a dude like me feel so proud to be playing music in such and incredible DIY community. Played with so many cool bands, every show was awesome. Like I said, too good to be true.

Really the whole point of writing this was so I could brag about all the cool records I bought on this tour. My favorite part of tour is always hitting record stores, and a lot of times I got to places really early and had plenty of time for it. This has easily been the best record buying tour I’ve ever been on.


Graham Nash- Songs For Beginners

Bobby Sutliff- Only Ghosts Remain

Game Theory- Lolita Nation

Todd Rundgren- A Cappella

Jack Frost- selt titled

Billy Bremner- Bash!

True West- Drifter

Lemonheads- Favorite Spanish Dishes

Will Rigby- Sidekick Phenomenon

Salvation Army (aka the Three O’Clock)- self titled

Holly Beth Vincent- Holly and the Italians

Real Kids- Outta Place

Flamin’ Groovies- Jumpin’ In The Night

Rain Parade- Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

dB’s- Like This

Emmit Rhodes- Selt titled

Dumptruck- Positively Dumptruck

Dumptruck- For The Country

Windbreakers- Terminal

Various- Who Put The Bomp? (Bomp Records comp)

Various- Luxury Condos (Coyote Records comp)


Velocity Girl- Copacetic

Velocity Girl-  6-song ep

Velvet Crush- Teenage Symphonies To God

Velvet Crush- Soft Sounds

Papas Fritas- Passion Play ep

Papas Fritas- Helioself

Apples In Stereo- Science Faire

Apples In Stereo- Her Wallpaper Reverie

Jason Falkner- Author Unknown

Jason Falkner- Can You Still Feel?

Jason Falkner- Necessity

Tall Dwarfs- Stumpy

Liz Phair- Whip Smart

Tuscadero- My Way Or The Highway

NOT TO MENTION killer tapes and records by bands I played with like KYLE KAOS, KITTEN FOREVER, VALENTEENS, FRONTIER RUCKUS, and more. I’m a lucky boy indeed.

I leave you with this, recorded by me and Spoony on the last night of tour in DC. I hadn’t really slept in 2 days and we had just eaten a bunch of pizza fries, which is my new favorite DC delicacy. Enjoy:


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