Rad Hos January Tour AND MORE

Starting 2014 off with a BANG! Doing some dates with Rad Hos Rock Band and then going on a solo Megabus jaunt. * dates mean shows with the band, non-* dates mean just lil’ ol’ me. Added the venue for shows I know the venue of, will update as I get more info and junk.

1/5- New Brunswick, NJ* @ Cooler Ranch

1/6- Brooklyn, NY* @ Glasslands

1/7- New Haven, CT* @ Cafe Nine

1/8- Washington, DC* @ DC9

1/9- Philadelphia, PA* @ Boot & Saddle

1/10- Richmond, VA

1/11- Greenville, NC

1/12- Charlotte, NC @ Area 15

1/13- Atlanta, GA @ The Cottage

1/14- Athens, GA

1/16- Birmingham, AL @ Transylvania

1/17- Memphis, TN

1/18- St. Louis, MO

1/19- Chicago, IL @ Bric-a-Brac Records

1/20- Grand Rapids, MI

1/22- Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome

1/23- Nashville, TN

… And back to Philly in time for the best show of the year, Waxahatchee/All Dogs/Cayetana/Heavy Bangs on 1/26! Then some more shows in the north east to finish out the month! Will post those dates when they are solidified.

Also stoked to announce the release of a split c20 with my main dude KYLE KAOS to be released by ALREADY DEAD TAPES. The Chicago show 1/19 is the tape release show. The tape is called TOTAL REQUEST LIVE and we are both really stoked about it. The idea was, we would each pick 5 or 6 song titles for each other to write songs to. I think we both came up with some pretty cool songs to fit some pretty cool titles.

Also in January, Mall Of America is being released on tape via DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY! I’m super stoked to work with them, DDW is consistently putting out the raddest releases lately, including one of my TOP faves of 2013, Get Olde by Crying.

Anyways, see you out there America! Stay gold, Ponyboy- Sam